PCS members at National Gallery met on Friday 02 October and voted unanimously to return to work on Monday 05 October after 111 days on strike.

We could not have succeeded in winning the outcome that we have without your help on our picket lines, showing solidarity and raising funds to keep our strike going.


Our action has achieved a number of very significant guarantees over pay and terms and conditions for gallery staff who transfer to work for Securitas.

The agreement that PCS has reached with the National Gallery and Securitas includes guarantees that terms and conditions for transferring staff cannot be changed without PCS  agreement and that terms and conditions for newly recruited Securitas staff will be broadly comparable with those of existing gallery staff.

PCS will be recognised by Securitas and there are also guarantees on rosters, staffing levels, health and safety and a number of non-contractual benefits.

The Living Wage which was won during the course of the strike will continue to be paid and uprated on basic pay in future years with other allowances in addition.


The Gallery have also agreed to reinstate Candy Udwin who will return to her existing job.

Strike action will be suspended pending ministerial approval and a ballot of PCS members over the deal.

Unfortunately despite all of our best efforts we have not stopped the private contract at National Gallery going ahead. However, the gallery have agreed to review the contract after one year. We will continue to campaign to reverse the privatisation and will help promote a national campaign to keep museums and galleries free, publicly owned and publicly run. Watch this space for campaign updates.


Thank you again for your fantastic solidarity. Out strike has shown that workers who stand up and fight will get support and that we can win. We hope that we will encourage others to do the same and our success will help build a national movement against cuts, privatisation and for an alternative to austerity.

Check facebook updates here


Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us. We still need donations for those who will face future deductions for our strike action.

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Or  donate to  sort code 08/60/01 and account no: 20169002 or cheques to PCS Culture Media andSport Association, c/o PCS North West Region, Jack Jones House,1 Islington, Liverpool L3 8EG


7 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Not in a position to support your struggle financially but the best of luck to you in your on-going struggle against these cowboys who wish to undermine wages holidays pensions maternity rights and god knows what else.


  2. In solidarity with the National Gallery’s staff battle to prevent the theft of our national heritage by stealth.
    The National Gallery is a national resource. Hiring incompetent paraprivate step’n’fetchits endangers that resource.


  3. I think the National Gallery is a wonderful institution, the staff are helpful and it is very well organised with some great exhibitions. Why change this? There is nothing to fix except to pay staff a living wage. If it is privatised then it will no longer be our National Gallery. The treatment of your staff has been awful and I support your strike action.
    Why doesn’t the Mayor support the Gallery instead of commiting public money to the garden bridge fantasy?


  4. Good luck. The Gallery by bringing in private companies to manage the staffing of security and visitor services they are eroding a fine institution. The inhouse staff have years of experience and knowledge. Once Securitas take hold they will change the contracts in order to make a profit. This is one of many changes the gallery is making that is turning this fine art house into a commercial tourist theme park.Shame on the senior management and trustees.


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