Living Wage

Thanks to all your support we have now succeeded in winning the London Living Wage paid from July 2015!

Reinstate Candy Udwin

Candy is now back on the pay roll after she won Interim Relief at an Industrial Tribunal which ruled that it is likely that Candy was dismissed for her trade union activity vindicating the stand that PCS has taken.   Summary Interim Relief Judgement

Debate in Parliament

Our dispute was debated in the House of Commons Video here Click on “Live Coverage” and go to 4.04 hours in             View the transcript here            It was also raised here in the House of Lords

Alternative Plan

PCS has submitted our alternative plan to ACAS.

Ask Dr Finaldi to step in

Gabriele Finaldi has been announced as the new Director of the National Gallery but his appointment has been postponed until August. We are calling on him to step in and to save the gallery before it is too late and to help get the gallery back to talks with PCS.

You can write to him at or post a message at #Finaldi. Here is a poster you can use to post a message   DR FINALDI POSTER


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