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Story of the first 17 days of strike action. For more recent updates see

The 26 March day of action saw demonstrations in support of our campaign against privatisation in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Cardiff as well as solidarity action in Bristol, Birmingham and Sheffield.

Tens of thousands of pounds have been raised for our strike fund. See all the support here

John Hendy QC joined us in parliament as we launched the into the National Gallery . Film maker Ken Loach spoke at our rally and Russell Brand showed his support.

In the Guardian Polly Toynbee congratulated Gabriele Finaldi on his appointment and was one of those who called on him to intervene now to cancel the privatisation plans.

National Gallery a National Election issue

There has been an important step in the political campaign too. The Labour Party have issued a statement calling for talks to resume to end the dispute and calling for the Gallery Trustees to ensure that all staff are paid the Living Wage. The Green Party have called for the Gallery to put tendering on hold until after the election.

Party statements

Call for a moratorium

The National Gallery plan to put services out to tender just two days before the General Election. But since parties that could be elected to office have called for talks in the dispute and for Trustees to ensure the living wage these proposals have now become an election issue.

PCS is calling for a moratorium to halt the plans and believes a new government should have a chance to review the proposals as should a new director.

Five day strike 22 – 26 February  Day one   Day two  Day three   Day four   Rally   March 

Public meeting 10 February Public meeting in Parliament  


Five day strike 03 – 07 February Day one   Day three   Day five

Not the Crown Jewels Alternative staff exhibition December 2014

not crown jewels

           Not the Crown Jewels

Staff summer party after privatisation first announced July 2014  Its black and white


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